Calling out NFL star's 20-cent tip: Restaurateur isn't sorry

PYT owner on LeSean McCoy's 20-cent tip

The restaurateur who took to social media to blast NFL star LeSean McCoy for leaving a 20-cent tip told CNBC it "wasn't right" to publicize the incident but refused to apologize for doing so.

Tommy Up, the owner of the Philadelphia burger restaurant PYT, caused a stir after posting McCoy's receipt that showed the Philadelphia Eagles running back left a 20-cent tip on a $61 bill last weekend.

"I would like to apologize for taking the receipt down the first time after I chickened out, and then I put it back on. … I'm not going to say I'm sorry," Up said in an interview with "Closing Bell."

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Philadelphia Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy watches from the bench during a preseason game between the Eagles and the New York Jets in Philadelphia.
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Up said the tip was the first indication that anything was wrong, and claimed McCoy and his group where waited on "hand and foot."

In a post on Facebook earlier this week, Up wrote, "[McCoy] and his group, from the moment they sat down, were verbally abusive to our staff in the most insulting ways." He also said the group made "derogatory statements about women."

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Up told CNBC he stood by that statement but refused to elaborate further.

"I've got the truth on my side. I've got nothing to hide," he said.

McCoy did not respond to CNBC's request for a comment on the issue, but has said the tip was a reflection of the bad service at the restaurant.

According to, McCoy told reporters Thursday, "The 20-cent tip was more just kind of a statement. You can't just disrespect somebody and [expect a tip from] them. I don't care who the person is. That's why I left my card [instead of cash], so they could see my name. Simple as that."

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—By CNBC's Michelle Fox