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Cramer: Could new drug ultimately arrest cancer?

Why Cramer wants to buy AGIO

Jim Cramer is always looking near and far for ideas. And he found something in a recent edition of "The New Yorker."

In an article called "The Transformation: Is It Possible to Control Cancer Without Killing It?" by Doctor Jerome Groopman, Cramer found himself captivated by details about an experimental new cancer drug. "It's called AG-221, it's being developed by Agios Pharmaceuticals, and it's been producing truly incredible results, even in very early stage clinical trials," Cramer said.

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"Of the first ten patients who had been treated, three had died from their disease before the drug's effects could be evaluated," Dr. Groopman said in the magazine. "But the data on six of the seven remaining patients were striking: five had gone into complete remission and one entered a partial remission."

Part of the staggering success involves the way in which the drug treats patients; it targets mutations in the cancer cells, in an attempt to render the cancer harmless. In the past, conventional treatments attempted to eradicate the cell, through radiation or chemotherapy, which in turn, could cause other health problems.

And there's a second drug under development that works in the same way; it too could be used to render harmless many other types of cancer.

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As promising as the developments may be, that's not the only reason why Cramer is bullish. He also likes that Agios has partnered with Celgene, which currently owns a little over 11 percent of the company. "Yep, Celgene's one of the largest shareholders here, and I totally trust their judgment when it comes to identifying promising early-stage compounds."

Given the effectiveness of its treatments and its partnership with Celgene, Cramer thinks the stock belongs on your radar.

"I know it's had a huge run already but I think there could still be a lot more upside here," Cramer said. However, he quickly added that he views Agios as a spec stock only. "Plenty could go wrong, so it's not for the faint of heart. However, if all goes right, it could be a terrific investment."

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