Cramer: Stocks reflect America’s innovative spirit

If you're looking for stock ideas, Cramer says, thanks to good ol' American ingenuity, this sector is bursting with them.

"Biotech is so exciting," Cramer said. "And the industry is so phenomenal in this county. It's a terrific reminder of our nation's innovative spirit and fabulous science."

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"When I wrote Get Rich Carefully I presented my Four Horsemen of Biotech, namely Biogen Idec, Celgene, Gilead and Regeneron, a quartet I'm proud to say has performed astoundingly since the book's publication."

However, even if you've never put a single dollar to work in the sector, Cramer thinks opportunities still abound.

Looking at his four horsemen, Cramer said Celgene may currently present the best opportunity, with several new drugs showing significant promise, and shares only 18 percent higher ytd, a sizable gain for most stocks but paltry given the company.

"Now, I know that these drugs are widely considered to be baked into the stock, but I think that's the wrong way to look at it. These new drugs make Celgene far less dependent on its signature drug Revlimid. In turn, investors will pay far more for its earnings stream now that it's more diversified. That's a big deal and I think the stock can go much higher. "

Elsewhere in the space, Cramer said he's also bullish on Acorda Therapeutics, in part due to its aggressive treatments for multiple sclerosis and debilitating strokes.

Also, Cramer said Merrimack Pharma was worth owning, as a bet on "another revolutionary pancreatic cancer drug that could be approved by year's end."

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All told, these three stocks are just the tip of the iceberg. Cramer believes biotech belongs on every investor's radar with the sector generating opportunities for some time to come. "I think the most exciting portion of healthcare lies with biotech," Cramer said. "Take pride in these companies. But don't take profits in their stocks, at least not yet."

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