Ferrari recalls 3,000 cars over faulty trunk latch

The Ferrari 458 Italia.

If you own a Ferrari F458 Italia or F458 Spider, you might want to watch your mail for a recall notice.

But don't worry, the air bag won't explode and the engine isn't likely to catch fire. Instead, the problem involves a safety latch inside the car's front-mounted trunk (or frunk, as some aficionados call it).

According to the recall notices, in more than 3,000 of these vehicles the latch inside the compartment may not release when the car is stationary. U.S. regulations require that someone trapped in a trunk have a latch to release the compartment and escape.

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The good news for any unfortunate souls who become trapped in these Ferraris is that the latch does work while the car is moving—but the motion, of course, could make an escape a bit more tricky.

And given how tiny the Ferrari's frunk is, you might have other problems if you became trapped inside.

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