Apple opens testing facility to beat back bend-gate

'Bendgate' & Apple's reliability testing lab
'Bendgate' & Apple's reliability testing lab

Whatever problems a handful of users have had with their new iPhones bending, Apple insists that its quality assurance standards are rigorous, and that any problems people have had are extremely rare events.

Apple went further this afternoon, inviting a CNBC reporter into its testing lab to see the machines it uses to test its products.

The iPhone 6 is "the most tested product we have ever done," said Dan Riccio, head of engineering. The phone was tested 15,000 times before being released, he said.

Machine that tests iPhone durability
Josh Lipton | CNBC

The company also reiterated that only 9 people have complained about the phone bending.

Earlier today, the company made a more detailed defense of its phones, and their durability.