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Brands called by different names outside U.S.

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A product by any other name...

It's been 20 years since audiences of "Pulp Fiction" first heard Vincent Vega opine that the funniest thing about Europe is the little differences, with his examples from Paris, where a McDonald's Quarter Pounder is called a "Royale with Cheese." But despite globalization's guarantee of a McDonald's in just about any country in the world, some of those international differences still remain today.

It happens for reasons ranging from the brand's original name being already trademarked in the new country, to the original name not making sense in the new country's language, to issues with the brand's ownership.

What follows are examples of products and brands one might encounter abroad that appear just like something from back home but are called something else.

By Colleen Kane, Special to
Posted 27 Sept. 2014

Albert Herring