The Hibernator, a British 8K calorie breakfast challenge

Britain's Bear's Grill 8000 calorie "Hibernator" breakfast.
Source: Bear's Grill | Facebook

It's a meal worth four times your daily calorie allowance. At seven pounds, it weighs the same as a newborn baby. It's also so unhealthy, customers must sign a consent form acknowledging the health risks before digging in, reports the Daily Mail.

Dubbed The Hibernator, the breakfast is the epitome of gluttony, featuring eight pieces each of bacon and sausage, four fried eggs, a cheese omelette, waffles, toast, fried bread, black pudding, hash browns, two ladles each of beans, tomatoes, a serving of mushrooms, a portion of large chips, and a two pint milkshake.

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Only 20 people have paid the £19.95 to take the breakfast challenge at the Bear Grills Cafe in northwest England. If you manage to eat it all, you'll win £100, get your name on the Wall of Fame, and have the meal renamed after you. You'll also get to add one more item to the challenge.

"It's called The Hibernator because if anyone completes it they'll have to sleep for a year," said cafe owner. "Most of my customers are in their 60s and 70s, and the reason I came up with the Hibernator was to inject some youth into the place."