Power Pitch

Couching pricey high-end furniture

Couching pricey high-end furniture

Aamir Baig's company puts a new business model on the table—luxury furniture at an affordable price.

Baig co-founded e-commerce furniture start-up, Bryght, which he projects will hit $5 million in revenue by the end of this year.

"We're like Warby Parker for furniture," he told CNBC.

Baig had 60 seconds to pitch his "bryght" idea to a very well-furnished panel with Judy George, owner of home-branding and design firm Judy George International, Stephanie Palmeri, a principal at SoftTech VC, and Maxwell Ryan, founder of "Apartment Therapy." Will Baig's pitch floor the panel or will they dim out his idea? Watch the video to find out.