Cooler heads, and temperatures, prevail across US: Weather service

Cold temperatures weather
Pedro Ugarte | AFP | Getty Images

For much of the United States, a cool summer is quickly morphing into an even cooler fall.

Climate researchers at Weather 2000 indicate the first two weeks of October this year have been significantly cooler than the comparable time period last year. According to the organization, cities such as Detroit, Green Bay, Cincinnati and Charleston, West Virginia, are at least 20 percent colder.

Thus far, two of the coldest spots on the U.S. map are Cleveland and Pittsburgh, where average temperatures are a whopping 70 percent cooler than in 2013.

Hurricane Gonzalo, currently aimed at Bermuda and considered one of the most powerful weather systems in three years, may help push temperatures in the Northeast even lower, Weather 2000 analysts said.

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For the central, Midwest and Great Lakes states, October 2014 is likely to produce more days where the mercury stays below 65 degrees, they added.