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Traders pick 4 top tactical stock plays

Tactical playbook: NKE, DVN, MBLY & IYR

After a week of cranked-up volatility in the stock market, the CNBC "Fast Money" traders offered their best tactical plays for the coming week.

Triogem Asset Management's Tim Seymour said that he would sell Nike at $90 per share.

"That's a place I would've sold a month ago," he said Friday.

OptionMonster's Pete Najarian watched how Devon Energy insiders were trading the stock over the past five years.

Tesla's new Model D car
Harriet Taylor | CNBC

"I think between $55 and $57 it's buyable. Back up at $75, it's sellable," he said. "That's exactly what insiders have been doing over the last couple of years, buying it near the $50s, selling it in the $70s. I think it's a 'buy' down here."

Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso said that he was a buyer of Mobileye, which had been oversold after the unveiling of Tesla's all-wheel-drive Model D.

"I'm not playing it for Tesla," he said. "I'm playing it for the 9 million cars that GM puts out. They're in those. They're in BMW. I think you could buy it right here."

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Brian Kelly of Brian Kelly Capital said that he was a seller of real estate exchange-traded fund Read MoreIYR.

"We've had five years of asset inflation, asset-price inflation," he said. "In my view, that process has started to go in reverse, so you do not want to be in real estate. Against $72, actually even Monday morning, I'd sell it short."