Blue-collar businesses embrace wearable technology

Brain Brainerd | The Denver Post | Getty Images

Blue-collar businesses are looking to wearable technology to fill the void being left by retiring trade workers, Fortune reports. Start-ups, like Nashville-based XOEye Technologies, are creating wearables suited to industrial workers, such as "smart" safety glasses.

The advent of wearables is changing the technology game for the maintenance industry, according to Fortune. The hands-free devices are well suited for the work done by electricians or plumbers, for example, because they often already wear eye protection and need an easy way to access information while working.

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Some companies are also looking to smart glasses and other wearable technology as a way to train less-skilled employees. Maintenance firms are looking to connect these devices with command centers that can then provide the younger employees with necessary information, courtesy of older workers who are more experienced.

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