The world's biggest risks
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7 industries at greatest risk from climate change

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How steep will the costs be?

Rising temperatures and sea levels, along with increased incidence of extreme weather events, pose a threat to the global economy. Global infrastructure spending, public food supply, health and surging demand for energy are among the demographic themes that could come with steep climate-change costs.

Even if we successfully combat global warming and temperatures rise up 2°C from preindustrial levels, the damage to the world economy may be moderate, but certain regions and industries will be much more affected than others, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

For climate-change skeptics, specifically, the risk of being proved wrong in the decades to come could be costly, with the bill for better-late-than-never mitigation efforts much higher than preemptive efforts to keep temperatures from rising.

Certain industries can't wait for the issue to be decided. Risk management of today requires making assumptions about what is sure to be an uncertain future. The following seven industries are those considered among the most at risk in the climate-change era.

By Nicholas Duva, special to
Posted 22 October 2014

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