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Cramer: Ebola's effect on the market next week

Cramer's game plan for next week

Thursday night the world learned that a doctor in New York City has been diagnosed with Ebola after spending time in West Africa. The news immediately caused the index futures to take a nose dive.

However, it seems as though the public is beginning to recognize that this horrible disease might be harder to contract than initially thought 10 days ago when the market was in sheer terror over the case in Texas.

The Dow Jones industrial average ended the day up 127 points, and the closed up 13 points.

Jim Cramer is pleased with earnings season so far, because the earnings from individual companies are now shining through the chaos of Ebola scares. Amazon's rough earnings report was an isolated case that Cramer thinks had little ultimate impact on the market.

The "Mad Money" host thinks that next week will be stellar as well, barring more bad Ebola news. Here is Cramer's game plan to share with investors what stocks that will be most influential next week:

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Merck: "Here's a company that's been a bellwether for big pharma." With a terrific quarter it can lift the old-line drug stocks, Cramer says.
Buffalo Wild Wings: The restaurant chain reports after the close. It's been on the chopping block since last quarter, but Cramer still likes it. He thinks investors should consider buying half before and half after.
Twitter: It's one of the most controversial stocks around. The near-term is out of focus, but long-term, Cramer loves the business model and wants to own it not trade it.

Dupont: Cramer can't wait to hear the company's response to Nelson Peltz's suggestion about splitting the company.
Parker Hannafin: Earlier in the week management took actions suggesting they think the future is bright. However, in Cramer's experience this could mean that the company won't blow away the quarter. He says to wait until it reports and then buy knowing the company will be right there buying with you.
Facebook: "The expectations have gotten so high that we're advising people to do a little trimming before the quarter." The report won't be another doozy like Amazon, but Cramer has trepidation.
Gilead: Cramer thinks it will report a great number, too, because of its Hepatitis C cure.
Panera Bread: Cramer doesn't expect a great quarter, but look for a good 2015 though.
McKesson: When it puts up numbers, Cramer thinks they'll be big ones.

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A big earnings day, but the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee deliberations will take center stage. "I don't think the Fed's policies are anywhere near as significant as everyone thinks, at least when it comes to the market," added Cramer.
Wellpoint: Cramer thinks this company has a powerful story and expects good things.

Starbucks: The behemoth chain has hedged about 60 percent of its coffee costs, which means it's no longer a prisoner to the cost of coffee. Cramer thinks it's a buy into the quarter.
GoPro: Cramer has thought for a long time that this stock, while dreadfully expensive, has a lot of growth ahead overseas.

Chevron and Exxon: Given how important oil is to the market, Cramer says we need to hear what these oil giants say about oil weakness due to glut of supply or lack of demand, or both.

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