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Cramer: Zzzzzz…Boring days ahead for averages?

Off the Charts: Due for pullback?

How the heck can we figure out where the market is headed? When Jim Cramer is unsure of where the averages are going, he knows it's time to take out the crystal ball of the charts.

Cramer turned to Dan Fitzpatrick, president and founder of, to get his take on where the market averages will go in the days ahead. Turns out that Fitzpatrick thinks that the dramatic marketplace is about to get nice and boring again.

Fitzpatrick sees that the averages have become overbought in the short-term, which means that we could be due for a pullback. However, that is good news. Any pullback will be short lived, which means it could be time to buy, buy, buy on the dip.

For the , it has a history of bouncing back. For instance, when the S&P broke down earlier in October, it fell below its 200-day moving average for the first time since 2012. However it only stayed that way for seven days before it bounced back to its key level.

Just as the S&P sold off hideously in October, the Dow Jones industrial average bottomed on the same day. But be careful, warns Fitzpatrick. The Dow hasn't bounced back quite as fast. It is still far from the ceiling of resistance, at 17,350. That is why he expects it to trade sideways for a while and bounce between 16,000 and 17,350 until it consolidates.

Before the big breakdown in October, NASDAQ traded in a tight range from mid-August through mid-September. It peaked at 4,600 and then put in a short-term double top.

That is an important note because the level where NASDAQ peaked can often be a ceiling of resistance. Fitzpatrick thinks that is exactly what will happen. Traders who bought in August and September are waiting for NASDAQ to return to levels when they bought it, and then will jump in to get their money back.

Fitzpatrick is seeing that after the period of volatility that the market has seen recently, things are indeed about to become boring again.

"I have to tell you, I find Fitz's view pretty reassuring," added Cramer.

However when that pullback occurs, Cramer knows it is time to buy, buy, buy the opportunity.

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