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Apple details plans to take over your office

Apple and IBM partnership

Apple has unveiled details on its plan to make iPhones and iPads workplace staples.

In July, Apple and IBM announced an enterprise partnership that could make the traditionally consumer-minded Apple a major player in the business market. On Wednesday, Apple unveiled more details on the inner-workings of the partnership when it posted a support page for business clients called AppleCare for Enterprise, according to AppleInsider.

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In addition to 24-7 technical support, the new business-focused version of AppleCare also detailed its hardware coverage and replacement plans.

Under the enterprise partnership, IBM plans to create more than 100 business applications that run on iOS—or Apple's mobile operating system—for clients looking to trade Blackberrys and other devices for iPads and iPhones.

The new details offer a window into a partnership that could chip away at traditional enterprise players such as Microsoft, Dell and Hewllet-Packard, and help to revive Apple's slowing iPad sales.