Plane Sweet Plane: KLM and Airbnb hold contest for 'aircraft loft'

KLM | Airbnb

You'll get far more than a complimentary blanket and pillow when you get some shut-eye on one of KLM's planes. The airline announced Thursday that it is partnering with Airbnb to hold a contest to win the chance to spend a night in an "aircraft loft" beside the runway at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

Featuring 116 windows, two kitchens and eight bathrooms, the plane makes for quite a unique lodging experience. The rental also redefines the term "in-flight movie" with a wide array of aviation-themed films for guests to enjoy, including "Snakes on a Plane" and "Top Gun."

The limited-time apartment also comes with some more typical accouterments of a living space, including Wi-Fi, a king-size bed (along with two kid-size beds) and a well-stocked fridge, according to KLM's listing on the short-term rental site.


"Take a seat, enjoy 12 meters of leg space and watch other planes take off and land in the back yard," the listing suggests.

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As with most Airbnb rentals, contest winners have some house rules that they must abide by. In particular, they are not allowed to fly the plane or use its jet engines to roast marshmallows. Using the inflatable emergency slide is also strictly forbidden.

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