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Solar outlook sunny or cloudy?

SunPower stock dropped 3.67 percent after guiding estimates lower for next year, but CEO and President Tom Werner said Thursday that he remains optimistic about the company's future.

"It's all about the holdco," he said. "And then if you look at the big picture, we said we're going to triple capacity in the next five years. We're doing great in China. The fastest growing market in the world. So I think I'd say we'll be back."

The second-largest maker of solar panels in the United States issued a lower-than-expected 2015 earnings forecast of $1.10 to $1.50 per share. SunPower stock closed at $28.08, down 5.8 percent year to date.

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On CNBC's "Fast Money," Werner touted the company's increasing ability to give energy consumers a choice.

Technicians install solar panels on a house in Mission Viejo, Calif.
Mario Anzuoni | Reuters

"We've gone from making solar panels, solar systems to selling solar electricity. And the future is solving energy for the consumer of energy and giving them more options. Giving them freedom," he said. "Today you have no choice. You just write a check. We add storage, we add the micro inverter. We add energy management. Now we're going to free up, the consumer is going to have so much more control over their energy bill."

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Werner also said that solar stocks, which have largely traded along with oil prices, would eventually disconnect from their fossil-fuel bretheren.

"You'd have to see oil go in half. And it would still make sense in the Middle East to go solar. So the sensitivity of oil was de minimis," he said. "Only 10 percent of electricity in the world is produced with oil. So the correlation shouldn't be there and in the long run it won't be there."

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