Four years after GM IPO, shares stuck in neutral

Four years after General Motors launched its initial public offering, the stock has stalled.

In fact, if you owned shares of GM at the end of their first full day of trading, when they closed at $34.19, you've lost about 6 percent on your investment. The automaker's shares have closed below that level 68 percent of the time that they've traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

That wasn't the expectation when GM's CEO at the time, Dan Akerson, walked onto the exchange floor in November 2010. There were many analysts who gave the stock a "buy" rating and set 12-month price targets of $45 and higher.

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But a combination of a slow-growth economy and continued problems turning around GM's European operations kept investors from pushing the stock on an extended run.

After initially rising to trade near $40, shares of GM dipped. They climbed higher again in the middle of 2012, but were weighed down when the ignition switch recall and scandal hit earlier this year. Since then, the stock has spent much of the last six months trading around the mid- to low-$30 range.

For a complete history of GM's share prices, see the chart below.

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