Wanna sue? Crowdfund it!


Invest in justice. That's what LexShares co-founders JayGreenberg and Max Volsky want you to do.

Chris Ryan | OJO Images | Getty Images

Lexshares, a New York-based startup, is interested in allowing litigants in certain types of cases to crowdfund their cases against bigger competitors.

"LexShares provides a transparent, economically rational and efficient means for connecting plaintiffs with investors to fund their commercial legal claims," said Greenberg in a statement.

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How does it work? Companies in the middle of a lawsuit will have the chance to post their case on the service's website. Once the case is deemed meritorious, accredited investors can decide if they want to invest. The investors will then have the ability to track the litigation of the case they invested in. Cases typically pay out in under five years.

"Financing is key to the success of a lawsuit. Large companies often have an unfair advantage because they have virtually unlimited access to legal resources that individuals or smaller companies do not," Volsky said.

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