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Jim's tribute to his Pop, Ken Cramer

Cramer pays tribute to his Pop, Ken
Cramer pays tribute to his Pop, Ken

On Friday Jim Cramer shared stories of his father, Ken Cramer, a.k.a. Pop, in a heartfelt tribute to his passing. Jim said that Pop loved seven things: his business, the stock market, his independence, his workouts, his country, the Eagles and his family.

Most of all, Pop loved Jim and his sister, Nan, and his grandkids. The family surrounded Pop as he passed away, in the early hours of Nov. 20. Pop was 92.

Cramer shared that as he and his sister sat next to Pop in the hospital, his father spoke of the Packers' recent beat-down of the Eagles and Jeb Bush's potential in politics. He even gave Cramer a few business ideas.

"He said he was glad he had his pals around him, and he loved us. We said the same. It was the last thing we said to one another, then, 'See you in the mernin,' which was how he always pronounced it. We didn't. We went to sleep and when we awoke he was no longer alive. Our last day together was our best one. That's how it should be. Strong to the end. So long, Pop. We love you."