Benihana heirs upset over squandered inheritance

Benihana founder, Hiroaki "Rocky" Aoki left a $50 million inheritance. Unfortunately his wife has a tendency, and the ability, to spend it on frivolous things, according to his children.

Benihana founder Rocky Aoki and his third wife, Keiko Aoki, in 2006.
Ray Tamarra | Getty Images

The six children of Rocky Aoki assumed legal control of their father's estate earlier this year after a long, bitter battle with their stepmother and trustee, Keiko Aoki. The Benihana founder died in 2008.

According to The Daily Mail the kids do not have access to the money until each one of them turns 45. Two of the kids include Devon Aoki, a famous model from the 90s, and millionaire DJ Steve Aoki.

Currently, the money is in a stock-holding trust invested in Benihana of Tokyo and operated by Keiko Aoki. However, the siblings are accusing Keiko of spending this money on some questionable things.

Recently, some of the funds have been used to fund a rap duo by the name of the Beni girls. The group flies around and performs in restaurants and promotional events all while wearing Benihana chef attire. According to court documents from a Manhattan surrogate court, the practice was called an "odd attempt to entertain guests."

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However, the children's grief doesn't all stem from their stepmother. Their father initiated his own lawsuit against his four other "disloyal and incompetent" children in 2006.

"I want to help my kids, but I want my children to crawl, to walk, then run on their own," Rocky told New York magazine at the time of the lawsuit.

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