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How low can it go? Gas prices about to fall a lot more

Crude down 10% into close

OPEC may be trying to cause pain for the U.S. shale drillers, but it's providing a holiday gift for consumers, with another 25-cent drop in gasoline prices possible by Christmas.

Oil plunged Friday, with West Texas Intermediate down 10 percent to $66.15 per barrel, after OPEC refrained from cutting back production at its Thursday meeting. Gasoline at the pump, meanwhile, was at $2.79 per gallon nationally, its lowest Thanksgiving holiday price since 2009.

"I think the national average will drop to between $2.55 and $2.60 a gallon by Christmas," said Andrew Lipow, president of Lipow Oil Associates. The national average was $2.79 per gallon of unleaded on Friday, down 4 cents from last week, according to AAA.

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