This Black Friday you can buy actual bull (bleep)

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday game
Cards Against Humanity

Here's one item you might not want to leave under the Christmas tree.

In honor of Black Friday the makers of Cards Against Humanity, an irreverent "Mad Libs"-style card game, have taken all items off their online store and replaced them with "BS." Yes, literal bovine excrement.

The company sent subscribers an email with the headline, "here comes poop," to announce the sale. The product, which comes in a custom box, is being marketed as a fertilizer or a way to "surprise a loved one with the gift of poop."

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And if your budget is a concern, the product is only $6 "through the magic of incredible Black Friday super-savings," according the "Frequently Asked Questions" section on the game maker's website. The page also lists other details about the product—it's been sterilized, but shipping it might still be illegal.

For those eager to purchase the actual game instead of the smellier offering, it is still being sold by the company on Amazon despite being pulled from its own online store.

If the cow pies aren't to your liking though, Cards Against Humanity is running other promotions for the holiday season. For $15, you can participate in their "Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa," where they will send ten mystery gifts in December. Last year, the company ran a similar campaign, of which some $100,000 in proceeds were donated to public schools.

In another Black Friday stunt, also last year, the company actually raised the price of its products sold on Amazon and its online store, which reportedly actually helped boost its sales.

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