Man uses Olive Garden pasta pass to feed hungry

An Olive Garden restaurant in New York.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC
An Olive Garden restaurant in New York.

When Matt Tribe paid $100 for his Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass, he had no idea how he was going to single-handedly get the biggest bang for his buck.

The Ogden, Utah, native decided to use his all-you-can-eat pass to hand out to-go pasta dishes to hungry people in his community. A video of Tribe's quest, dubbed Random Acts of Pasta, features him giving out meals to homeless people and went viral. He has eaten 14 meals himself, according to the Daily Mail, and has given away 10 meals to the homeless. The majority of the meals were given away to friends and family.

Some believed the restaurant chain was involved in the project as a marketing ploy but Olive Garden denied the claim in a statement to CNBC that said "We applaud Matt for his generous use of the Pasta Pass, but our only role was selling it to him and happily fulfilling each one of his orders."

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"Perhaps it's because I live a very boring and uneventful life and doing anything is be better than the alternative, or perhaps it's because that during the time I was doing Random Acts of Pasta, the only thing on my mind was who I was going to take pasta to," Tribe said.

The pass allowed the holder to unlimited number of certain pasta entrees and toppings from Sept. 22 to Nov. 9.

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