Time to buy buy buy this in 2015!

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Healthcare Trust of America: "We like Ventas here at this joint."

Duke Realty: "It's a slow grower but it's a real good company. I want you to hold on to it."

GoPro: "I think GoPro is having a very big holiday season, but they did that secondary and it's been knocking around and the charts are all over the place. If I want to do it, I would be deep in the money calls to cut off my risk."

Alcatel Lucent: "I like Alcatel Lucent, I think it's alright. But I must tell you I really like Cisco here. But ALU had a very good analyst meeting, I followed it closely and I think you're on the right track."

Hewlett-Packard: "I definitely want you to hold this. If it drops I want you to buy it ... I like everything they are doing, I think the cycle is coming back and I think the 3D printing story is coming back in 2016. You hold, if not then buy."

Plug Power: "These guys are not making the playoffs. I don't even know if they are in the game."

Peabody Energy: "I don't want you to touch Peabody. I don't like coal."

Gilead Sciences: "Let's rank them. Celgene is first, Regeneron is second, Biogen is third and the fourth one is Gilead. Why is it fourth and not third? Because I'm waiting to see if it's a competitor and whether Abbvie is going to price it's hep C formulation."

Texas Instruments: "It's one of those stocks that keeps going higher. It's really terrific and it's doing everything right. Texas Instruments is a buy."

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Molson Coors Brewery: "It's a buy and actually has a lot of things going for it. There could be a situation where an acquisition could benefit it, too. Let's not forget my favorite, Constellation Brands."

Chart Industries: "It missed the quarter, then it missed the quarter, then it missed the quarter. It peaked and when it missed that first quarter, we said enough. We are still saying enough."

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