McDonald's shows how McNuggets are really made

Ben Popken
Here's how McNuggets get made

What's really in McDonald's chicken McNuggets?

As the chain Monday announced its worst monthly U.S. sales in a decade, McDonald's is trying something new to lure health-conscious consumers back into stores: telling them exactly what's in its food.

To dispel rumors that its nuggets are currently made with "pink slime," or chicken beaks, or something else entirely, the fast food chain released a new video taking viewers inside a plant where McNuggets are formed.

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With former Mythbusters host Grant Imahara, paid by McDonald's to act as trusty guide, the camera delves into what really goes into a McNugget: It's just chicken.

Delicious, grey, chicken, ground into a slurry and poured into molds.

"This is known as 'radical transparency,'" said Barbara Lippert, advertising expert and MediaPost Editor-at-Large. A previous video by the fast food chain in this vein showed how the cult-favorite "McRibs" are formed.

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"Sales are declining because people are getting more health-conscious," said Lippert. "So no matter how unappetizing the food looks in these videos, it's still better than pink slime and beaks, and then McDonald's gets to look like an open book, and a good corporate citizen."

Who's hungry?