The $3 million Ferrari that you can't take on the road


The new FXX K has everything the ultimate Ferrari should have.

It's got 1,035 horsepower from a V-12 and electric motor. It's got all the sinister beauty of the new La Ferrariarguably the most beautiful Ferrari ever made. And it's got a price tag that tops just about any new Ferrari ever made: $3 million.

But the Ferrari FXX K, which was launched at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, is missing only one thing: a license plate. That's because you can't actually drive it on the road.

Ferrari FXX K
Source: Ferrari

Like Ferrari's previous "XX projects," the Ferrari FXX K can only be used on a racetrack and is not street legal. It is the latest addition to Ferrari's "Client-Test Driver" program, in which Ferrari keeps the car for you and brings it to Ferrari track events and races when you want to bring it out to play.

If you're wondering "who would buy a $3 million Ferrari that you can't even show off in front of your favorite restaurant?" then you don't understand true Ferrari owners.

Ferrari is only making around 36 FXX K's—and they're all sold out.