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First impressions: GearPower charging station for mobile devices

GearPower charging station unboxed

There are plenty of portable mobile chargers, but one company is aiming to stand out with its 12,000 mAh capacity station.

The GMP12K, for about $100, is a dual charging station for any device that has a USB lightning cable and will charge your mobile devices at the same rate as if connected to the original wall charger.

GearPower 12,000mAh Capacity Mobile Power Station by IO Gear.
Source: IO Gear

For most devices, charge time is about two hours but smartphones with extra-large batteries will take significantly longer. However, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can charge even faster with the 12,000mAh capacity mobile power station than with their factory charge, according to IOGear, the company that created the GearPower device.

In the box, the power station comes with a micro USB cable, a carry pouch and wall charger. A user will have to charge the GearPower before use.

Other portable mobile chargers include the GMP12K are the Jackery and Mophie power stations.