Old Apple iPods fetching huge prices online

Keeno Ahmed listens to music on her iPod, July 15, 2004, in New York.
Getty Images

Two months after Apple said it would no longer make the iPod Classic, that model is a strangely hot item.

A report in Digital Trends said copies of the discontinued device are are selling for as much as $479 on Amazon, and $460 on eBay. New devices were retailing for $249 when Apple ended the device.

Another report in The Guardian showed that in the U.K. iPod Classic models are being sold for as much as £670, or about $1050.

And that's not even close to the top. If you're lucky enough to own a factory-sealed special edition U2 iPod that sold in 2004, note that a seller just fetched $90,000 for one. That's right, $90,000.

CEO Tim Cook said that the difficulty in getting the necessary parts, declining demand, and newer Apple products ability to store as much music led to the decision to cease production.