The Jack Ma-tini: Wall Street holiday cocktails

Are you icing down the bubbly hoping to toast Dow 18,000? Did your puts on oil futures guarantee a happy holiday? How about flash trading giving you that final $0.000001 per share that you needed to put you over the top this year?

Jack Ma
Dan Groshong | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Jack Ma

Celebrate! Toast a profitable 2014 and ring in 2015 with the appropriate Wall Street cocktails. Financial media consulting firm Cognito comes out with its own menu every year, and I've added a few of my own.

From Cognito:

Jack Ma-tini - This drink is eccentric but surprisingly powerful. Once drunk exclusively in Asia, it's now public stateside and everyone's clamoring for a taste. Martini with a twist

The Smash Boys - A favorite of Michael Lewis, these cocktails are served super fast and rigged just the way he likes them. Muddled red seedless grapes, fresh lemon juice, white wine, Ketel One vodka

The Ginger Snapchat - This valuable concoction could fetch $10 in some venues and disappears in a flash. Vodka, lime juice, ginger beer

Sex on the Breach - Down(load) this fruity fave and you'll be spilling personal information in no time! Vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice

Crypto Libre - Potentially for a limited time only, this trendy mix is shaking things up. Payment in bitcoin only. Classic margarita

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My heartfelt additions:

Whiskey Sour Crude - The cheapest cocktail on the menu this year, and the longer you wait, the cheaper it gets. Lemon juice, sugar, unleaded whiskey

Irish Inversion Coffee - Warm yourself up with a holiday coffee containing a pot of tax-avoidance gold at the end of the rainbow. Hot coffee, brown sugar, jigger of duty free Irish whiskey, heavy cream whipped free of taxes

Baloney Bellini - A frothy cocktail for a frothy market. Extra bubbles please! Sparkling wine, peach puree, splash of hype

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