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The habit that's led to Mark Zuckerberg's success

Mark Zuckerberg
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You have questions, Mark Zuckerberg has answers.

The founder and CEO of the world's largest social network, Facebook, answered about 20 questions from users Thursday afternoon at a town hall event in Menlo Park, California.

The Q&A session streamed live on Facebook, where "Zuck" – the nickname used by the 30-year-old – shared insight on topics ranging from the world's perception of the social media giant to the best advice he would give his younger self.

Here are 7 things we just learned about the world's 14th richest person.

Zuckerberg doesn't think Facebook is a waste of time

When asked what he thinks about Facebook becoming synonymous with wasting time, Zuckerberg said he wasn't sure he agreed with the premise of the question. He explained everyone is told they'll have time for life after finishing school or their homework, but they forget to realize that friends and family is what matters in life. Facebook, he said, helps connect people in a way society doesn't always offer. "We're proud of our contribution there," Zuckerberg said. "If we could make people a little more connected then I think that's valuable."

The habit that has attributed to Zuckerberg's success

One of the most important things Zuckerberg said he tries do on a daily basis is to use his time proactively rather than reactively. There are enough things that come up during the day that one can use to fill up their entire day by reacting to them, Zuckerberg said. Granted, he explained, one has to be responsive and communicative, but it's important as an entrepreneur to be proactive and know what you want to accomplish each day.

Zuck's 2015 New Year's resolution

Good news, slackers – you're in good company! Zuckerberg said he has yet to come up his 2015 New Year's resolution. "It's too early!" Zuckerberg jokingly exclaimed, with 20 days still remaining in 2014. He said his past New Year's resolutions include cooking more ("it was fun") and learning Mandarin ("it was really hard…my wife tells me all the time that I'm bad at English"). His 2014 resolution was to write one note of thanks each day, which Zuckerberg admitted has been a difficult task. Why? He explained that there are two types of people in the world: those who see the beauty in things and those who want to make those things better. "I'm from the latter," he said, adding that his management team tends to laugh at him when he looks to improve people's actions rather than thank them for a job well done.

He wants his employees to correct him in public

Facebook employees will stand up during a town hall and correct Zuckerberg if he says something wrong. "I like openness," he said. "It's a little embarrassing, but it's good to have."

What Zuckerberg did but was never thanked for until today

A woman from Nicaragua, who now lives down the block from Facebook's headquarters, stood up to thank Zuckerberg and his company for "upping the price of her house." After much laughter from the audience and big smile from Zuckerberg, he said it was the first time someone thanked him for Facebook

The advice he would give his younger self

You're going to make mistakes no matter what you do, Zuckerberg said. "People spend a lot of time focusing on not making mistakes or regretting them" but you shouldn't strive to be right about everything, he explained. Albert Einstein made mistakes, but people don't focus on that.

What Zuckerberg likes on his pizza

Yes, someone took the opportunity to ask Facebook's CEO in a public forum what he likes on his pizza. His answer? "My view on this important issue is that if you're going to be eating pizza, you might as well be having fried chicken on top of the pizza. Next question."