Security glitch allowed strangers to access boarding passes

A Delta Airlines customer checks his baggage before a flight at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).
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A Delta Airlines customer checks his baggage before a flight at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Your airline travel plans may not be as secure and private as you may think.

A security glitch on Delta's website allowed passengers to access other people's boarding passes, reports Buzzfeed. Someone with a valid boarding pass could open their pass on the airline website, replace some numbers in the website URL, refresh the page, and another traveler's boarding pass is reported to have popped up, including the stranger's name, flight number, frequent flyer number, boarding time and seat number.

Similar results occurred on other airline websites, such as on Southwest Airlines where the passenger's flight confirmation number also showed up.

This does not necessarily mean you can change your flight or your seat number. At security check, the Transportation Security Administration still checks your boarding pass against your government issued ID to verify each passenger's identification. Mobile boarding passes are also scanned at the security checkpoint.

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But anybody could use the full name and confirmation number to log in on the airline's website and change the seat number or even the flight without the passenger knowing, Buzzfeed reports.

"After a possible issue with our mobile boarding passes was discovered late Monday, our IT teams quickly put a solution in place this morning to prevent it from occurring. As our overall investigation of this issue continues, there has been no impact to flight safety, and at this time we are not aware of any compromised customer accounts," Delta said in a statement to CNBC.

And Southwest Airlines told CNBC that as soon as they were notified of the issue, the airline contacted "the vendor that powers the mobile boarding functionality to quickly resolve the situation."

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