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Why the world's chaos is the Fed's opportunity

Cramer: What the world needs now

As oil floods the market faster each day, one thing that Jim Cramer thinks there is just too little of is U.S. bonds. A spoonful of U.S. bonds is just what the world needs right now.

"I think the bond market right now could easily handle the entire $2.5 trillion that the Fed has under management, and rather than just hold them to maturity, the Fed could book huge gains for the taxpayer, enough perhaps, to even dent the deficit, " he said.

The "Mad Money" thinks this would be the greatest trade of all time. It could boost treasury liquidity and create a pseudo-rate rise by inflecting the yield curve.

Think about it – this could be a once in a lifetime situation where everything really could play out with a perfect ending. What a great opportunity the U.S. has right now to create opportunity from the weakening global atmosphere.

Traders in the 10-year bond options pit at the Chicago Board of Trade signal orders.
Frank Polich | Reuters

Money is flooding into the U.S. with investor fears over the ruble, yen, euro and peso. What better way to soak up all that extra foreign capital than to have a huge sale of treasuries?

Perhaps the idea is a little too aggressive and frightening for the Fed to take action. But there just isn't any reason for the Fed to hang on to these bonds now that the economy is on a strong growth trajectory.

"The Fed shouldn't turn a terrific trade into a loss by holding on when many of the bonds are above par. Just eyeballing the prices makes me salivate; the gains must be gigantic," Cramer added.

He urged the Fed to sell its bonds to avoid interest rates from going too low and will be a way to produce growth in the economy without inflation. Additionally, it will help the Fed to rebuild firepower for the next crisis that comes around. A triple threat!

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Ben Bernanke was up to take a chance and buy bonds. Can Janet Yellen break out the big guns and pull it off?

"The world's chaos is the Fed's opportunity. Time to ring the register!"

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