Stocks to buy for your kids

It is once again confirmed, America is one heck of a strong engine. Jim Cramer would have thought that after running up 4 percent in a straight line this week, a few profit takers would come in on Friday. But the engine kept roaring, with all U.S. averages closing up, again.

What made the rally so special this week was that it wasn't based on anything.

"It's remarkable, because typically you'd need something to happen to trigger this kind of bullish behavior. But there haven't been any big bad events," the "Mad Money" host added.

So what the heck did happen?

No. 1 - There were different expectations for a totally different kind of week. Many investors were betting that Janet Yellen would raise rates. Those bets unwound as the averages climbed.

No. 2 - Oil stabilized. Those who had bet against oil lost those bets as oil stopped declining for no rhyme or reason.

No 3 - Stocks were higher. Without any global disasters or catalysts, fund managers were willing to pay more for the same data. Funny how stocks are worth more when there is no worry.

"We have some unspoken rules on Wall Street, and one of them is that you don't make any big, negative changes with just a couple of days to go in a year," he said.

After a week of joy for those who went running with the bulls this week, it's pain for those who bet against it. At least no news is good news for this market, which means a Santa Claus rally could come to town next week.

"Thursday is Christmas, and I hope you have your stocking stuffers ready. This is my annual appeal for you to buy one share of Disney for each kid, to get them involved early in the stock market."

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With the recent hack on Sony, one major issue on the minds of businesses in the U.S. is cybersecurity. Jim Cramer has had his eye on Red Hat, as it is the largest provider of open sourced software in the world.

Cramer spoke with Red Hat CEO James Whitehurst to find out his take on the issue of cybersecurity and where the stock could be headed.

"I'm not surprised that it happened, and we are obviously involved with a lot of agencies that look at security, and it's a major, major problem in general," Whitehurst said.

He stated that the root of the problem is not just about the technology. The issue stems from people and access to passwords with every company at risk. He described it as a "multifaceted, layered and complex problem."

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What should I buy? Have I missed the rally?

Those are the two questions on investor's mind that missed the rally, and questions that can only be answered personally. However there are two principles that Cramer has learned from his long tenure on Wall Street that are necessary when you miss the rally boat: Consistency and discipline.

"I learned this the hard way. Many a time when I ran a hedge fund I would miss a 4 percent rally like we just had. The tendency though is never to say 'I missed it' and instead is to just say 'what should we buy?'"

Investors either need create personal discipline, or have a disciplinarian to tell you the truth no matter how upsetting it can be.

Over the years, Cramer learned to stop asking questions and instead buy stocks that would come in with the everyday nature of equities. His secret was to look for stocks that were damaged, not the company.

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Neil Clark Warren, Founder and CEO, eHarmony
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Neil Clark Warren, Founder and CEO, eHarmony

In Cramer's search for the next big company, he went off the tape to talk to the CEO of eHarmony. Christmas kicks off the biggest season of the year for online dating, which is a business that has transformed into a socially acceptable way of dating.

The No. 1 player in this space is IAC/InteractiveCorp, which owns and However, the most effective player is eHarmony. Studies show that eHarmony provides the best matches with the lowest divorce rates in the industry.

Cramer sat down with the company's CEO, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, to find out about how the company not only matches romantic couples but is now working to match people to jobs.

"I don't know very many great marriages where the person comes home every night and says 'I hate my job'. If you love your job you have a much better chance of loving your marriage," Warren said.

eHarmony used four elements to determine if someone has a great job. Do you have the same culture as the company? Do you have the tools to do the job? Do they have a great personality fit with who you'll report to, and are there 8 to 10 people to fit in with?

Cramer's also got a double-whammy stock up his sleeve. Paychex is a company that lets you take advantage of both the improving employment numbers in the U.S. as well as the inevitable rise in interest rates that will come next year.

Paychex is the No. 2 payroll processor and specializes in small- and medium-sized businesses. It also has a growing outsourced human resources division, and its stock sports a 3.3 percent yield.

Cramer thinks that this could be a terrific buying opportunity for the stock, as the company's earnings will get a boost when the Federal Reserve finally raises interest rates. To find out more, he spoke with Paychex CEO Martin Mucci.

The "Mad Money" host asked if Mucci has seen a reduction in hiring in the oil producing areas of the U.S., given the speed at which the price of oil has dropped.

"We haven't seen a slow down there, yet. The fastest small business employment has been Texas to North Dakota, right in the central part of the U.S., all around energy picking up the jobs in that area. It could happen but we haven't seen it. At this point it has still been the most positive area of the country," Mucci said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to spot Christmas stocking stuffer goodies when he gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Exxon Mobil: "I want you to sell half on Monday and let the rest run because we just had the largest energy rally in basically history this week. So let's take half off."

KeyCorp: "The last quarter was not anything to write home about, candidly. I would have liked a better quarter. But it's fine, the bank stocks are going up and it's not my favorite. They did not have a good quarter, sadly."

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