Is the NYSE trading floor for sale?

The New York Stock Exchange
Scott Mlyn | CNBC
The New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange and its owner Intercontinental Exchange denied a New York Post report that said the iconic trading floor would be sold within a year.

"While we are working to improve the business, the conclusion in the article that is it for sale is untrue and is (in) conflict with our recent statements about integrating and investing in the NYSE," ICE told CNBC in a statement.

"We've said over and over that it's not the case," a NYSE representative told CNBC.

On Sunday, the New York Post reported that the NYSE's owner could sell the trading floor in a year.

ICE recently revamped the NYSE with faster technology and a regulatory overhaul, moves that sources told the Post are likely profit-boosting window dressing for the potential closure of the New York trading floor.

"There is only one move, and that is a sale or spinoff of the NYSE," Edge Consulting Group CEO Jim Osman told the Post. The London-based firm researches spinoffs and special situations for investors.

Osman also told the newspaper that a sale made sense since ICE had divested most of its stake in Euronext, which merged with NYSE in 2007.

ICE acquired NYSE Euronext last November.

"I would say within a year, you will know how this game is going to play out, that's my guess," ICE investor Thomas Caldwell told the Post. Caldwell is chairman of Caldwell Securities, one of the largest owners of the NYSE before its merger with Archipelago Holdings formed the public company NYSE Group in 2006.

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The NYSE is the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization.

Read the full story at the New York Post.