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Here's how big Apple's Christmas was

Here's how big Apple's Christmas was
Here's how big Apple's Christmas was

Santa put Apples under more than half of all the Christmas trees out there this year. According to mobile analytics firm Flurry, Apple accounted for 51 percent of new device activations worldwide during Christmas week.

Manufacturers coming in second and third place were Samsung with almost 18 percent of device activations and Microsoft (Nokia) with 5.3 percent.

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To come to this conclusion, Flurry examined data from more than 600,000 apps, including popular ones such as Instagram and Facebook, to see what kind of device they were being installed on.

After the top three, Sony and LG took more than one percent share of new activations and newer companies Xiaomi, Huawei and HTC all had less than one percent share on Christmas Day.

Flurry reported, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the past nine months marked the first time consumers spent more time on mobile devices than watching TV in the U.S.

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The rise of the phablet

"It's clear that Santa is no longer into cookies — he prefers Apples," Flurry said in a statement on its website. "If Christmas is a bellwether for the year ahead, we should expect strong performance from iOS devices and a continued shift to the once-derided phablet form factor."

The report shows that more are making the switch to larger smartphones now that Apple has tossed its hat into the phablet game.

In the week leading up to Christmas, 13 percent of new device activations were phablets, compared with just 4 percent during the same period last year. The iPhone 6 Plus was one of the top five devices Flurry saw activated for Christmas, while the iPhone 6 took the top spot.

"The phablet's popularity seems to come at the expense of full-sized tablets and, to a lesser extent, small tablets," Flurry said. "App developers should take into account the fact that larger screens are becoming the primary device; it's not just the secondary prime-time tablet anymore."

While the phablet seems to be gaining in popularity among shoppers, the medium-size phone is still favored by most consumers. It saw the largest share of device activations this Christmas.

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