Marc Andreessen's bitcoin tweetstorm

Marc Andreessen
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Bitcoin the cryptocurrency has had a rough couple days, but Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen said Monday he is not worried.

The same day that Bitstamp—the second-largest dollar-bitcoin exchange—suspended operations for what it said was a security issue, the Andreessen Horowitz co-founder took to Twitter to tout his continued belief in the technology.

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This is hardly the first time that Andreessen has expressed his belief in the future of bitcoin, but on Monday he specifically addressed criticism's about the cryptocurrency's potential use cases and its price volatility.

The price of bitcoin dropped into the $250-range on Sunday after trading for weeks in the mid-$300s. By Monday afternoon its value was about $269, depending on the exchange.

Below, find Andreessen's 26-tweet manifesto on the merits of the technology.