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The market storm is not over yet, analysts say

Behind the volatility

Two market headwinds — Europe and falling oil prices — turned gale force Monday, and analysts expect the volatility to continue for now.

Treasury yields carved out new, lower territory while stocks were clobbered and oil plunged below $50 for the first time since April 2009. The dollar rose as the euro traded below 1.20. The 10-year was yielding 2.03 percent, lower than any 2014 close, as the Dow fell 331 points to 17,501, its worst day in three months. The lost 37 points, or 1.8 percent, to 2,020.

"Oil hitting record lows and the dollar hitting record highs kind of shakes people up," said Randy Frederick, managing director, trading and derivatives, at Charles Schwab. "I would be a little cautious for a while — at least a week or two. These type of things don't go away overnight."