Consumer Electronics Show

Twitter pitches to advertisers at its 'Tweet Suite'

Inside the Tweet Suite at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show isn't just about high-tech gadgets, it's also a place for advertisers to figure out the best way to reach consumers in the future.

So in a Las Vegas hotel suite it's calling the Tweet Suite—decked out with bird logos and all sorts of data visualizations on giant touch-screens—Twitter is meeting with over 150 advertisers and ad agencies during the event.

It's the time of year when advertisers are figuring out how to allocate their budgets, and Twitter wants to persuade them to spend more on its platform.

Though this is Twitter's fourth year meeting with advertisers at CES, this year the message is distinctly different: It's all about video and Twitter's reach outside its core 284 million users.

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"Here we're gonna show our clients everything about how they can use video to tell stories on Twitter, to really get their message out there and see amazing data about why Twitter is the best place for video," says VP of brand strategy Joel Lunenfeld.

Lunenfeld and his team designed interactive screens so they could showcase what people are talking about on Twitter. Using a chart of the past 90 days he can graph the spike in conversations about various topics.

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Lunenfeld also stressed a couple of key new stats. He cited new data from Nielsen that finds that video on Twitter is "more emotionally engaging and impactful than any other social platform."

Media meets advertising at CES

What exactly does that mean? Twitter cited stats that people who had seen the same videos on Twitter and other platforms "demonstrated 28 percent higher purchase intent" after viewing a video on Twitter versus other platforms.

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Another stat he mentioned, which seems harder to measure: People are 24 percent more likely to smile while watching video on Twitter compared to other social platforms.

With increasing pressure to show a return on investment, Twitter is pointing to the reach of tweets outside the core user base. The company said for every person who saw Budweiser's #FriendsAreWaiting-promoted video campaign, another six saw it organically.

"We're really here to show our advertisers and partners it's not just about the core audience on Twitter but it's about the bigger audience that sees tweets," says Lunenfeld. "And through data, through the experience we're gonna show them exactly what we mean."

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