Paris attack: Front pages from around the world

The covers of German newspapers 'Berliner Zeitung,' 'Bild,' 'Neue Presse' 'Die Welt' and 'Frankfurter Rundschau,' headlining the terrorist attacks yesterday in Paris.
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Many reacted in anger to the deadly attack at Charlie Hebdo, others by joining the families of those killed, Parisians and the French in their grief. But perhaps more than anything, what's been expressed is solidarity with the satirical magazine's right to air its views.

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Here are few front pages from newspapers around the world:

Le Monde, another publication based in France, compared the attack on Charlie Hebdo to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in its front-page headline.

The Guardian, a London-based daily, called the attack "an assault to democracy."

The Porto, Portugal-based Jornal de Notícias empathized with the victims with the front-page headline that read: "We are all Charlie."

The Chicago Tribune also empathized with Charlie Hebdo in its top front-page picture, while at the same time provided an update on the French police's hunt for the shooters.

La Stampa, a Torino, Italy-based newspaper, showed its support for Charlie Hebdo by displaying a picture of a crowd gathering in mourning. The headline read: "Attack on Europe's heart."