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The most expensive dog breeds to insure


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The most expensive dog breeds to insure

Man's best friend can also be a big financial headache. On the one side, you have the love and attention a dog can offer -- but on the other, there's the pampering, food, veterinary bills and insurance.

And the cost of insuring your canine companion is entirely dependent on its breed.

U.K.-based online insurance advisor Bought By Many has produced a list of the most- and least-expensive pedigree dog breeds to insure.

It analyzed a "ton of insurance costs" and found that, in general, larger dogs are more expensive to insure. Mixed-breed dogs and mongrels are cheaper to insure than pedigree dogs, it added.

"Dogs that tend to be more expensive to insure are dogs with a propensity to develop breed-specific medical conditions: insuring a Basset Hound starts from £14.27 ($21.47) per month, while the cost for a Bulldog starts at £23.11 ($34.80) per month," it said in a statement accompanying its findings.

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-- By CNBC's Matt Clinch

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