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Happy Birthday, Jeff Bezos: Here's another $1.5 million

Day in the life of a billionaire

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos turns 51 years old Monday. One of the richest people in the world, Bezos' fortune is estimated to be about $28 billion. That begs the question: How much money has he accumulated on a per-day basis in his entire life?

We know this isn't true, but taking the broad stroke assumption that Bezos' wealth of $28 billion grew equally over his entire life, Bezos has averaged $1.5 million per day in wealth accumulation from the day he was born.

Jeff Bezos
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Again, that is $1.5 million per day. That's not bad—but it's not the best. It's not even half the rate that two software-company founding Harvard dropouts have raked in. Microsoft's Bill Gates and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg both have averaged more than $3 million per day in wealth growth their entire life.

Obviously this is not intended to be the most heavy duty analysis in the world, but it does give you a flavor of the comparison to wealth and age, and the sheer quantity the world's richest have.

Below are the fifty wealthiest people in the world, and their per-day accumulation rates. Other famous billionaires on the list include Google founders Larry Pageand Sergey Brin, Nike founder Phil Knight as well as Wall Street titans George Soros and Carl Icahn. Where does your favorite billionaire rank?