Restaurant lets pretty people eat free…really

As if beautiful people don't catch enough breaks, one restaurant in China is also giving free meals to those who rank highest in the looks category, reports the Telegraph.

Customers who want to compete will be evaluated by a panel of local plastic surgeons. The 50 most attractive people each day will pay nothing for their meals.

Image Source RF | Attia-Fotografie | Getty Images

Authorities were not happy with the promotion—saying that the Korean restaurant's sign did not have the green light to be there and that it damaged the city's image, according to the Telegraph.

On Tuesday, workers began removing the sign advertising the deal though the restaurant's manager said she would continue the deal.

More broadly, University of Texas at Austin Professor Daniel S. Hamermesh's research has shown attractive people "are more likely to be employed, work more productively and profitably, receive more substantial pay, obtain loan approvals, negotiate loans with better terms, and have more handsome and highly educated spouses."

It's not all bad news for those who don't score off-the-charts on the looks scale. Additional research published inPsychological Science shows average-looking faces are considered to be the most trustworthy.

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