Health Insurance beats last year's tallies already

The Sunshine State is looking sunnier this Obamacare season—as is every other state on

More than 1 million Florida residents so far have signed up for health insurance sold on the federally run Obamacare marketplace with a month left to go in open enrollment, according to data released Wednesday.

Last year, 983,775 people in Florida selected a plan on after more than a six-month open enrollment period. The current enrollment season lasts just three months, and will end Feb. 15. website seen on Nov. 12, 2014.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC sign-ups also fared well in Texas, with 859,377 residents signed up for health insurance plans for 2015, compared with 733,757 people there who had selected a plan on during the entire 2014 open enrollment season.

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The big states' relatively strong performance underscores's record since the Nov. 15 start of open enrollment. Every one of the 37 states using the federally run exchange has more sign-ups now than they did during the first open enrollment period, with a total of 6.76 million people signed up through Jan. 9, according to the U.S. Health and Human Services Department.

The tally includes both new customers as well as existing customers who were automatically re-enrolled or who chose new plans, according to HHS, which released a state-by-state weekly snapshot for the first time this season Wednesday.

The current tally is slightly more than the 6.7 million or so paying customers that were enrolled in Obamacare plans in the entire United States on the eve of open enrollment in November. At the close of open enrollment last year, in mid-April, had about 5.45 million people who had selected health plans.

State-run exchanges break out their enrollment tallies separately. There are around 1 million officially reported enrollments on the state-run exchanges, but the true number is undoubtedly higher because of the lags in when some states release data, and the fact that some also have not disclosed how many existing customers were automatically re-enrolled.

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For an enrollment to be considered official, a person must pay their monthly premiums for their plans.

HHS said it expects there will be about 9.1 million people enrolled in Obamacare plans in the entire U.S. by the end of this year. Analysts have said that goal will almost certainly be met, given the enrollment levels to date.

HHS said that from Jan. 3 until last Friday, a total of 163,050 selected plans sold on That weekly tally continues the relatively low enrollment pace seen since mid-December, after the passage of a key deadline for enrolling in health insurance plans that took effect Jan. 1. Before that deadline, there was strong enrollment activity.

Thursday is the deadline for signing up for plans that take effect Feb. 1. Experts expect another enrollment surge in advance of the Feb. 15 end of open enrollment.

Under the Affordable Care Act, most Americans must have obtained some form of health coverage by Feb. 15, or face a potential fine that is equal to as much as 2 percent of their taxable household income.