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When does it pay to get it delivered?

Delivery to home

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Good news: You no longer have to leave home to get key items such as groceries, booze and pet food. New "get it now" services allow you to have them delivered right to your door, often the same day (if not the same hour).

"You don't have to go shopping; somebody does all that work for you and schlepps it to your house," said Sucharita Mulpuru, a retail analyst at Forrester Research. "There are pros for the customer."

The catch? You may be stuck at home for a fixed window of time, waiting for it to be delivered. And you may be charged a membership fee or a premium for the service.

We ran the numbers on more than a dozen services, offering door-to-door delivery of everything from laundry to liquor, to see which ones are worth it.

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