Fed will need to do more stimulus this year: Pro

While many investors are anticipating that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates sometime this year, one pro thinks the central bank will need to do another round of stimulus in 2015.

Scott Shellady, senior vice president at TJM Investments, said there are several things telling him there is something wrong with the economy, like low bond yields, copper prices and plunging oil.

"What I see is an economy with record low 30-year interest rates. We can't kick-start our housing market. We spent over $3 trillion of the balance sheet to buy 2.5 percent growth and absolutely no inflation," he said an in interview with "Closing Bell."

"I'm wondering if we have any faltering this summer or this spring with what's happening in Europe and Asia with China and Japan, where is the strength in the economy going to come from to get us out of this situation."

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The Fed ended its bond-buying program, known as QE3, but has kept its policy rate near zero. It's anticipated that the central bank will begin to raise interest rates this year, although some think it could be pushed back.

"Let's say they do try to hike rates, which would be a mistake … and we could put the brakes on everything just with one little rate hike that they think that they should do rather than need to do," Shellady said.

A closer look at economic data shows wages were down and more manufacturing jobs were being lost, he noted.

"We can't keep the rest of the world afloat. The rest of the world is probably what's going to bring us down."

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