Google backtracks on a big project

Google Glass is no more, at least in its current form.

At $1,500 a device, Google Glass had trouble breaking into the mainstream after being deemed both geeky and creepy. Tony Fadell, who founded Nest, is now at the helm of Google Glass.

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But Google Glass' setback doesn't mean the wearable trend is losing any steam, according to Scott Friedman, senior vice president at communications firm APCO Worldwide.

"Google Glass was among the first attempts at embedding smart technology into an everyday, wearable device, and it's certainly not the last," Friedman told CNBC. "At this year's Consumer Electronics Show we saw many new products elegantly integrating smart technology into attractive wearables that more closely resemble the glasses and watches we already wear."

Google Glass seemed to lack the fashion-sense and friendly look of newer wearable products. The video recording function caused unease among the Glass-less, and at times the tensions boiled over into isolated confrontations between Glass-users and non-users.

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Last February, Google had to warn users against being "creepy or rude" when using the wearable devices. With Google Glass' cool factor diminished significantly, Fadell might have a tough road ahead with the next iteration of Google Glass.