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Cramer: The Box IPO—call your broker immediately

Cramer likes Box, says 'call your broker'
Cramer likes Box, says 'call your broker'

Last year was a big year for initial public offerings, how could anything top when Alibaba was so big that it peaked the market? With more deals rendered last year since 2000, it seems that this year the IPOs have hit a stalemate and haven't had much to offer.

"I bet a big thaw could be the form of a new offering that could get people very excited about IPOs again," said Cramer.

The excitement referenced by the "Mad Money" host is for the Box IPO. Box is a cloud-based online storage company priced above expectations on Thursday, at $14 a share. Cramer thinks that investors should call their broker and try to get in on the deal at any price at or below $18 a share.

Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie speaks at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, on March 10, 2014.
David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

With rumors that competitor cloud-based storage company DropBox could go public in the near future, too, Cramer considers Box to be a very different business. Box is not just about storing data in the cloud and sharing files. It has taken a different angle of storage, by creating an easy-to-use platform that allows file-sharing for colleagues to work on the same projects together.

"Heck, maybe you like DropBox better! I'm telling you, that does not matter. Box will still be the one to own," Cramer added.

While DropBox is a consumer-driven company, it still has not figured out how to monetize its online storage platform. This has proved to be difficult in the cloud space, especially considering the fact that consumers like everything online to be free.

Thus, Box has the upper hand in monetization and has cracked the code by becoming a commercial business. It offers the security to know that its service is strong and data will not be hacked. This is a big part of the reason why Box's paying customers now include almost half of the Fortune 500.

This is also a big reason why Box was able to put up staggering numbers. The company's billings increased by 103 percent in 2014, and revenues shot up 70 percent. Cramer thinks that even if revenues only grew at 50 percent this year, it would mean that it trades at five times its 2015 sales.

Five times sales is not an expensive stock, especially considering it is a fast-growing, cloud-based software stock. Compared to a stock like Workday that trades at 12.9 times sales, it's a bargain!

But what Cramer likes most about the company is its CEO, Aaron Levie. The CEO has emphasized his role as a strong visionary, stating that the company is in a unique position to act as a catalyst for IT buyers who implement next-generation technologies.

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Cramer anticipates that Box will spike high at first, and after that initial spike he thinks it could run higher. Even if you can't get in on the deal, he still thinks it might be worth buying in the aftermarket at the right price.

"Call your broker immediately. If you can get shares on the deal, I think the gains will be enormous. And even if you can't get a piece of the actual IPO, I'd be willing to endorse buying some Box below $18 a share."

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