Starbucks will continue its fast growth in 2015: Schultz

Starbucks CEO: Set up for excellent year
Starbucks CEO: Set up for excellent year

Starbucks will continue its fast-paced growth in 2015, according Howard Schultz.

"We're coming off an extraordinary holiday, for which we prepared for all year," Schultz, the coffee giant's chairman and CEO, told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" on Friday. "It's very unusual to have every business unit in every geography exceed expectations. In terms of the back-half of the year, we have plans in place that we think are going to be incremental."

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Starbucks met Wall Street's expectations Thursday after posting fourth-quarter earnings per share of 80 cents on $4.8 billion in revenue. Last quarter was the company's 20th consecutive quarter of at least 5 percent comparable growth. Starbucks shares were up about 6 percent late-morning Friday.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz speaks during a media event in Beijing.
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The market's positive reaction is also a product of the company's performance abroad, Schultz said. "We have established Starbucks as, not only the leading provider in coffee, but also a brand of choice and luxury in China," he said. "We now have 320 in Shanghai alone, which is the largest market in the world for Starbucks."

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Schultz added the company's European stores had the best quarter in the history of Starbucks. "This is a moment in time where everything came together," he said.

Schultz added Starbucks will provide Mobile Order & Pay as well as coffee delivery to customers in different U.S. markets later this year. The company launched its mobile ordering and payment service in Portland, Oregon, in December.

—CNBC's Katie Little contributed to this report.