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Get a piece of this new stock

Cramer: Get a piece of this new stock

Is the market a sick patient right now, or is it healthy enough to invest? Jim Cramer has his own way of taking the pulse of the market, and he's calculated that it's actually remarkably healthy.

The "Mad Money" host defines as healthy market as one that gives investors a chance to participate, and that's just what it is doing. To help spot the opportunities, Cramer listed eight signs of a healthy market.

A few of the signs include merger and acquisition activity, reduction of overseas worries and IPOs doing well, such as Box and the upcoming Shake Shack IPO.

"My only regret is not being even more bullish than I was because Box was a total homerun. That's what happens in a real good market," said the "Mad Money" host.

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The shake down on Shake Shack

Pedestrians pass a Shake Shack location in New York City.
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

The "Mad Money" host doesn't play around when it comes to hamburgers. In fact, perhaps McDonald's should listen to this one.

Why does Cramer want to gobble up Shake Shack?

First, is the potential for growth. Currently it has 63 locations, and only 36 of those are in the U.S. Ultimately it believes it can open 450 locations, just in the U.S. alone. That is an unbelievable growth trajectory.

"I have to believe the earnings power four or five years from now could be ultimately enormous," he said.

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America's largest chocolatemaker is facing a sticky situation with analysts this week. Last Friday, Hershey was a hit with its second downgrade of the week, causing the stock to pull back. It was also upgraded twice in one week, leaving Jim Cramer perplexed.

Could this be a good time for a sweet opportunity on Hershey?

"The stock has run, and it's not exactly cheap. I recommend putting half of your position before Hershey reports next week, and then if for some reason it sells off after the quarter, you can use that weakness to buy some more," said Cramer.

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Sweet deal for Hershey?

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What the heck happened to Kimberly-Clark? The consumer packaged goods company that makes everything from diapers to baby wipes to Kleenex tissues, reported a 2 cent earnings miss from a $1.37 basis. As a result, the stock was taken to the wood shed.

A company like Kimberly-Clark benefits from lower oil prices, since petroleum is a major ingredient in packaging materials. However the company took a hit due to the strong U.S. dollar and overseas sales, especially in Venezuela.

Nevertheless, Cramer still thinks that this is a well-run company that will do well in the future. To find out more, he spoke with Kimberly-Clark CEO Thomas Falk.

"We'd expect to do another 800 million to $1 billion in repurchases this year and increase the dividend, bid single digits, which will be the 43rd consecutive dividend increase...So it's a great track record of shareholder value creation," Falk said.

The energy space also reached a pivotal point on Monday. In Cramer's opinion, oil has to stay around $45 right now, or it could be bad news in store. Same goes for natural gas—$3 is the current price it has to stay for it to make it or break it.

"Those are the black magical levels where our homegrown shales become uneconomic to drill for most U.S. companies," the "Mad Money" host added.

What worries Cramer the most, is that he doesn't know if oil and natural gas can hold at these key levels based on the excess of supply in the U.S. And the same goes for Russia, Iraq and Iran.

Though, there are positive signs that he is seeing. Worldwide economic activity should get a boost from low prices and stimulate demand, and shale wells deplete faster.

However, Cramer wants investors to keep these signs at the forefront of their attention. Otherwise, there will be major estimate cuts, and it will be ugly.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to look for stocks that investors should grab up when he gave his take on a few caller favorites:

Under Armour: "I want to invest in Under Armour, not trade it. There are a lot of the hedge fund guys that are in and out. The stock has had a big spike, but it does come down with any general market decline...If you get a decline, buy it."

Lockheed Martin Corporation: "We love Lockheed Martin. It was down today, and any time it goes down it's a buy."

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